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LAOUT 2018 Board Elections

May 11th, 2018 | By | Category: Features

LAOUT Board Election 2018 Announcement2

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  1. 1) Is there a space for people looking to build support to give a brief mission statement? Is this too soon and should only happen post nomination? Is there a space for people to know the current issues the board is addressing/looking to address?
    For historical reference, I know some priorities of board members have ranged from getting a southern california team to nationals, to gender equality, to focusing on beginners, to starting more leagues, to paying people to run leagues, to better fields, to bringing regionals/nationals to Los Angeles, to boycotting the AULD, to increasing the number of players in our current leagues, to how our dues money should be spent, to if it’s OK to run an “elite” league through LAout where teams would be selected on quality of players and so much more. It seems like having an ability to know where people stand on what the board is currently debating is important to making a decision as to who to nominate and who to elect.

    Which brings me to-
    2) The last board minutes are 9 months old. There’s no available record to know what the board is debating/considering. As I mentioned in my private requests for the minutes to be made public over the past four months – if it’s too much of a hassle and it is easier to run LAout without them, I’m not objecting. But that also means there can’t be claims later that LAout is speaking for the community when we have no idea what you are discussing.

    Being on the board can be an unpleasant job. Working to better ultimate in Los Angeles is pretty thankless. Sure you get the odd “Andy Bandit” chant, but that’s not enough. If it’s easier to run LAout quietly and behind the scenes by those who want to dedicate the most time – I’m not going to object to that. But I’m not sure how people are supposed to vote/decide who is a good candidate without minutes or even a sentence or two summation of principles from the people that want to run or keep their current positions.

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  3. Sorry for overlooking this. Minutes are definitely being taken and I dropped the ball on uploading them to the page. I’ve posted everything up until April 2018, and will post that one soon. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Seth and Thies!

  4. Thanks for the minutes! Much appreciated!

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