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KAPOW! vs Tarmac

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There’s a lot to get to here, so no need to hear my usual babble.  And besides, Lance pretty much does my job for me and gives you all the info I would’ve, so I can just sit back and read.

So here is Lance Iliev of KAPOW!:

RecapLanceIlievWith the 2018 winter league season coming to a close, and the tournament coming up in just a few days, placement will be key to all teams. Most teams have their spots locked into the tournament in either the A or B bracket. But a few teams can have their placement changed pending the results of last night’s game of KAPOW! against Tarmac, AND Lunch Break against Skylife this coming Thursday. Will Tarmac or KAPOW! trade places with Lunch Break or Skylife by Saturday?

If you’re not aware of how the standings work this season, teams are not ranked by their win-loss-tie record alone like in other tournaments and playoffs from other sports. Instead, teams get their placement based on a power rating algorithm that measures each team’s strength of win and loss, their point differential, and some other items, uses witchcraft, and out comes a team rating number. In order for either KAPOW! (rated at 46.29) or Tarmac (52.09) to move into the A bracket, either team would have needed to win big last night, and for Lunch Break (54.72) or Skylife (58.98) to lose big this coming Thursday. Currently Lunch Break has the bigger chance of dropping out of the A bracket with their 8-15 loss against RETRO on Monday evening if they were to take the hit in their final game, and with a win last night, Tarmac has the best chance of moving up.

Coming into their final games of the season, KAPOW! stood at a record of 3-4 after their bout against the Rooks, and Tarmac sits at 3-3, being sunk by Scoober Divers. Both games were on last Wednesday evening.

Other opening stats:
The last time that KAPOW! and Tarmac played was in 2016 in regular winter season. Tarmac won it 15-9.
In 2015, KAPOW! only played Tarmac in the tournament and lost (score not listed).
In 2014, the teams did not face each other.

So let’s get to it. Tarmac won the flip, and chose to defer to the second half, meaning that KAPOW! received the opening pull and started on offense once again, and for the final time this regular winter league season. Next year we have a goal, to win all of the flips, and start on offense, AND win the first point. Tonight we got 2 of those 3 requirements, myself (Lance ‘Postman’ Iliev) dishing the assist to Josh Lemaster to open the scoring for the evening. KAPOW! up 1-0. Tarmac would fire back for a quick 2, followed by a KAPOW! response. There was a little confusion to if our player tapped the disc in after running into the end zone, but after the reset, all that changed was the assist to Jessi DeYoung that would have been earned by Andrew LeMaster was given to Alejandro ‘Poptart’ Garcia. Score tied at 2.

After a Tarmac rebuttal, Matthew Lawrence of KAPOW! played some good defense, taking the disc back from Tarmac, and helped to move his team down the field. A thread of the needle to Kaila Toce continued to become a point for Poptart, tying it at 3’s and starting KAPOW!’s run in the lead. Points were traded until Tarmac tied it at 6’s. A chicken wing from Johnnie Lieske would retake the lead for Tarmac, and a flick to Erick Cifuentes would close out the half. Tarmac leading 8-6

Coming out of the half, KAPOW! really wanted to take the lead, and did with 4 of the first 5 points (7-8, 7-9, 8-9, 9-9, 10-9). Of those 4 points, both Gilbert Borruel and Josh Lemaster earned 2 scores each, Billy Ford earned 2 assists, and Matt Lawrence and Gilbert closed out the assists. The final throw of Gilbert to Josh to end KAPOW!’s scoring for the regular winter league season was delivered via hammer.

Immediately after, Tarmac tied the score at 10’s, and then continued on. Cody Johns had an amazing rolling catch to bring the score to 12-10. KAPOW! could not repeat their Valentines Day comeback from 3 weeks ago, and the 15-10 victory for Tarmac was a completed flick to Johnnie Lieske.

Tarmac now awaits the results of Thursday night’s game of Lunch Break VS Skylife, and their chance to be in the A bracket of the tournament as #12 and play against #5 Tsukemen and Women in the first round. How much will this +5 help their power rating? If it doesn’t and the ranks stay the same, Tarmac will start the tournament at #13, and face off against either Tsukemen and Women (fancy that) or Lunch Break in the second round.

However, KAPOW! looks forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning, and starting in the second round at #14 against either RETRO or Skylife if rankings stay where they are. (please teammates, don’t go to our regular 6:30 AM game at Central Park. There may not be enough people, but also try to save your energy for the tournament.)

It’s been a crazy 8 game season for KAPOW! as what you may call our rebuilding season. My old clipboard was put to some great use keeping score and notes on each game. We’ve brought some new players not just into the game of Ultimate, but competitive Ultimate. And we’ve reunited with some old friends. I just want to finish this final recap to thank all of the other captains and teams for playing, your sportsmanship, and wish everyone the best of luck in the tournament this Saturday up here in Santa Clarita! But also a big thank you to the LAOUT board and organizers that make our leagues possible each season. Especially Chuck, who got secured all of the amazing fields!

I just heard last night that they play a 6:30AM Saturday morning pick-up game in Santa Clarita.  And I nearly fell off my chair.  That is a level of commitment I cannot relate to in any shape or form.  Try to wake me up at 6AM on a Saturday morning to play pick-up and I might bite you.  I don’t even walk my dogs that early.  They know better.  And this was after I learned about a women’s pick-up game in Malibu at 8AM on Sundays, and THAT was hard enough for me to understand.

We have another recap from Tarmac’s side.  This is Sonja Roden:

RecapSonjaThe time has come for our final recap of the season. Sadface. Let’s talk about the actual game since I’m pretty sure I didn’t do that in the video. Last night we battled Santa Clarita part deux better known as KAPOW. Yes I know they are the original but we played them second so they became part deux.

Anyhoooo, I broke a nail pretty early on and was therefore useless for the rest of the game. Our other women, however, killed it showing off their amazing hands with some super sweet catches with the help of our favorite female sub Buster! Don’t get me wrong our men were outstanding as well. There were a couple no look passes, Cody had a ridiculous last second bid in the end zone and the man of the hour Johnnie Leiske showing everyone what he’s made of with a huge chicken wing for point.

We tried to move away from the typical Batman themed cheer for Kapow and hit them with a Saved By The Bell Kelly KAPOWski reference and sadly most of them were too young to get it…ok a couple of our teammates were too young to get it.

If you are looking for actual information about the game and points and all that “important” stuff you’ll need to hit up Lance. He was very diligently keeping stats for every point, I’m just there for sideline nonsense. All in all it was a fun night and we ended the season on a high note.

We will see you all bright and early Saturday morning and if you are nice to me I might share my jello with you. And by nice I mean bring me all the puppies and don’t score on me or make me run.

A broken nail is an injury?  Was there an injury sub?

There’s an Ultimate player named after Kelly Kapowski.  Used to live in LA but has since moved away.  Common theme.


Date Time Competition Season
March 6, 2018 8:00 pm Winter League 2018


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  1. Andy the thing about that 6:30am pick-up game is you get the people who really want to be there and therefore it is a competitive game. Plus it gets hot in the high desert in the summer. I haven’t been in ages since I don’t live there anymore, but they were there and still playing when we were at Central Park setting up for Summer League tourney.

  2. Do people not go out on Friday nights?

  3. People do go out Fridays. I haven’t been to a Saturday game for a while due to working late Fridays. Some people claim they are hungover when they show up. But they will be out there, rain or shine, field in the back beside the basketball courts if it is available. Elsewhere at the park (including the softball fields) if not.

  4. Note that we were not able to put our scores in until last night since the game was originally scheduled on Wednesday the 7th. Update on standings:

    #11 Skylife 59.45
    #12 Tarmac 55.10
    #13 Lunch Break 55.06
    #15 KAPOW! 44.58

    What’s crazy is the algorithm takes into account ALL games, not just newly played. That’s how Tarmac switched spots with Lunch Break, and KAPOW! dropped from 14 to 15.

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