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Animal Style vs After Party

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This is all I got for a recap from this game.  It comes from David Reed of Animal Style:

Adam Sutherland 1st half:

Adam Sutherland 2nd Half:

I’m not sure how you can be more clear that that.

I’m sure you’ve heard already that Winter League is moving to an hour earlier on Saturday.  This is in response to the fact that rain is expected in the afternoon, so let’s get an extra hour of dryness.

This reminds me of 7 memories of L.A. tournaments when rain was a factor:

  1. Lei Out 2017 – I think it starts and ends with last year’s Lei Out.  The torrential downpour – by SoCal standards of course.  I’m from the East Coast where they have real rain – forced roughly 300 of the 380 teams to drop out.  I would be very curious to know how that ranks in the history of ALL sports tournaments.  First off, how many tournaments ever have that many teams to begin with?  And to lose 300 teams on a day when the tournament was NOT cancelled.  Nothing has ever been crazier for me personally than that Sunday morning trying to re-seed the dozens of teams that came to Frisbee Central on the spot as quickly as possible.  I was screamed at to my face by one Canadian player.  And it was the first time I ever left a Lei Out tournament before it was over.  Not the best of days.
  2. St. Pat’s Hat 2012 – It was perfectly fine on Saturday, but then the rains came significantly on Sunday, and kept most of the players away.  That was particularly frustrating since I had just put out a poll a couple months earlier when I asked people how they felt about playing in the rain, and a strong majority said they would absolutely play in the rain.  Liars.  I guess it’s very easy to SAY you’ll play while it’s not currently raining.  But when put to the test, well over 50% of the players dropped out, and even though the Van Nuys / Sherman Oaks fields surprisingly let us play, we had no choice but to cancel the games.
  3. Winter League 2006 – This was the last year I ran Winter League before taking over Summer League.  (I came back to do it for a couple more years recently of course.  Those who hate Dynamic Scheduling and love foot blocks probably can’t forget.)  Due to the weather report saying there would be a 100% chance of rain on Saturday, I made the decision to move the tournament to Sunday where it was not supposed to rain.  Bryanne Knight really came through for us booking the fields at CSUN where she worked.  But sure enough, it ended up not raining at all on Saturday, despite the weather report continuing to say it was 100%.  The moment I will never ever forget in my whole life is standing outside on Saturday while Weather.com was telling me there was a 100% chance it was raining at that very moment where I was standing, and it was not.  C’mon Weather.com!!!  100%?  Give yourself a little wiggle room.  And of course, it did end up raining on Sunday.  The best laid plans….
  4. St. Pat’s Hat 2005 – The first year that St. Pat’s Hat moved to Venice Beach.  And that decision wasn’t even made until the morning of the tournament.  I can still remember driving around on the days leading up to the tournament trying to find a party venue that was okay with the possibility that we may need them in the rain.  But Brennan’s came through.  Because of the move to the beach, we lost about 50 players (could also have been due to rain, although it didn’t end up raining that much.  But enough for Balboa to cancel on us.)  We had to completely rejigger all the teams on the fly Saturday morning because of so many fewer players, and that included making sure we had enough jerseys in each size for all the players on each team.
  5. Lei Out 2013 – Probably the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in all the years I’ve been involved in running or helping out with tournaments.  The rain came lightly in the morning on Sunday but picked up later in the day.  Every team showed up that year despite the rain.  But the problem was the brackets I made were done with washable markers, so when the rain came around semi-finals, it completely wiped out all the results, and nobody knew who was playing who anymore.  That was a nightmare.
  6. Winter League 2010 – The rain came down a couple days before the tournament eliminating Balboa as playable.  That was so common back then.  Rain on Monday could kill games the rest of the entire week because Balboa was right on a flood plain.  We were able to get an alternate field to play on, but it was only big enough to support the B and C Divisions.  A Division had to be done during the week.  It was the only time we’ve ever done the Winter League tournament on week nights.  Quarters were on Monday.  Semis were on Wednesday.  And finals took place on Friday.
  7. St. Pat’s Hat 2011 – The second time St. Pat’s Hat was moved to Venice Beach.  But with the knowledge we had from six years earlier, the transition was a lot smoother.  I ran a lap dance competition at Brennans during the after party for someone to win a Lei Out jacket.  (Ubiquitous Player of the Year Sam Treu was the winner.)  That wasn’t related to the rain at all.  It was just a good memory.

Let me know of any tournaments you remember that I missed.


Date Time Competition Season
March 7, 2018 8:00 pm Winter League 2018


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Animal Style8715
After Party7411

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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/ultimate/comments/7ymgk3/kaimana_has_been_kancelled_after_pool_play_12_of/?ref=share&ref_source=link

    these stories really put our bad weather into perspective. Some fun, some scary.

  2. 2010 WL finals
    We actually played WL finals at night a few times
    in the early years. Jeff

  3. BTW, epic recap David!!!!!

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