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Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army

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Great game last night between two teams who have played each other several times before, and so what more do you expect than a good old fashioned barn burner.  Here’s just SOME of the things that happened in the game:

Marshall1 This person was a huge beast on D.  She got a really awesome D from behind on a throw right near the end zone.

Marshall2 This person had two fabulous hucks to this person. Marshall3

Dumbledore1 This person footblocked, AND also handblocked this person.  Marshall4

But to be fair, this person Dumbledore1 also completely ran past Marshall5 this old person for an easy score.  It was on a fantastic huck from this person. Dumbledore2

We were without this person Marshall6 who moved from Dumbledore’s Army to Marshall during the season.

Marshall7 This person did so many good things for Marshall, I feel like she deserves her own post.

Dumbledore3 This person fed things to people at the bar.  Very seductively.  And then got other people to do it too.  And now it’s a thing.

Marshall2 This person pulled a hammy and had to come out of the game.  And kept walking on it even though it really hurt.

Marshall8 This person came off the disabled list and suited up right around half-time and played like he was never injured at all.

Marshall9 This person showed up even though he was sick.  But I guess he thought he wasn’t sick.  But then he got sick again, and had to leave.

Marshall10 This person was playing in her second game of the season for Marshall, thus qualifying her for the tournament.  Booya!!!  She had a great D earlier in the game.  But also a little later got D’d by this person Dumbledore4 on a huck attempt.

Dumbledore5 This person showed up even though he’s in a sling and can’t play.  Props.

Marshall11 This person had an incredible lay out D late in the game.  What else is new?

Dumbledore2 This person said she hates the sound of her own voice when she yells.

Marshall12 This person had a really splendid huck.  But I can’t remember who it was to.

Dumbledore6 This person did a rousing crowd pleasing dance at the bar.

That’s all the things I can remember right now.

But fortunately, here’s more things from the Dumbledore’s Army GroupMe:


I think the 10 hearts sums that up.


Date Time Competition Season
March 6, 2018 8:00 pm Winter League 2018


Team1st Half2nd HalfFinal Score
Dumbledore’s Army61016

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  1. Great recap Andy. And bold use of photos….

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